Keratherm Red 86/82 - MH&W Thermal Products

The Keratherm Red material is especially suitable for applications in the high-power area. It possesses excellent thermal and electrical properties. Because of its good performance it can be reliably used in densely-packed electronic applications.

Possible Thickness:
86/82: 0.25mm

Available with adhesive as 86/82K


  • high end thermal solutions
  • hard disc drives
  • controlling boards
  • BGA applications
  • Property Symbol Unit 86/82
    Color red
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal Resistance Rth K/W 0.09
    Thermal Impedance Rti °Cmm²/W
    Thermal Conductivity λ W/mK 6.5
    Electrical Properties
    Breakdown Voltage Ud;ac kV 1.0
    Dielectric Breakdown Ed;ac kV/mm 4.0
    Volume Resistivity Ωcm 2.0×1014
    Dielectric Loss Factor tan δ 1 1.4×10-3
    Dielectric Constant εr 1 2.4
    Mechanical Properties
    Overall Thickness (±10%) mm 0.250
    Hardness Shore A 60 – 70
    Tensile Strength N/mm² 13
    Elongation % 2
    Physical Properties
    Application Temperature °C -40 to +200
    Density ρ g/cm³ 1.23
    Flame Class UL 94V-0
    Reinforced with Fiberglass yes
    Total Mass Loss TML Ma.-%