CSC TP-SS30 Super Soft - MH&W Thermal Products

CSC TP-SS Super Soft

CSC TP-SS30 Features

TP-SS30 is a heat dissipation sheet with high thermal conductivity, excellent self-adhesion property, and ultra low hardness.

  • Self-adhesion
  • Low Siloxane
  • Excellent Incombustibility
  • Property Symbol Unit TP-SS30
    Color gray
    Base Polymer Silicone
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal Conductivity λ W/mK 3.0
    Electrical Properties
    Dielectric Breakdown Voltage kV >5
    Volume Resistivity Ωcm >1013
    Mechanical Properties
    Thickness mm 0.5 – 5.0
    Density g/ccm 2.9
    Hardness Shore 00 35
    Young’s Modulus  kPa 10
    Tensile Strength MPa 0.1
    Physical Properties
    Application Temperature °C -60 to +200
    Flame Class UL94 V0 [File No.: E258204]