KERABSORB® - MH&W Thermal Products

EMI absorbing gap pad

The new series KERABSORB® is a HYBRID material of THERMAL & EMI ABSORBER. This means, besides the classic properties of a TIM (thermal interface material) that is used between the heat source (electronic device) & heat sink, this new material also suppresses unwanted energy coupling, resonances or surface currents which cause board level EMI issues.

The KERABSORB® 2500 is characterized by its high thermal conductivity and high level of EMI suppression at very high frequencies up to 77 GHz.


  • base station
  • 5G data infrastructure
  • consumer electronics
  • autonomous vehicles
  • radar sensors


  • high thermal conductivity
  • high EMI suppression at frequencies up to 77GHz 
  • electromagnetic properties independent from layer thickness
  • high electrical isolation
  • elastic

Property Unit 2500 1500
Color    mint orange
Thermal Properties*
Thermal Conductivity λ W/mK 2.5 1.5
Electrical Properties**
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Ud;AC*** kV 5.0 5.0
EMI Attenuation** dB ≥40 ≥40
Mechanical Properties
Hardness Shore 00 35-50 30-45

* Measured @ thickness 1mm ** Measured @ 45 and 77 GHz *** Measured uncompressed