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Graphite films

come in a variety of thickness and consist of pure carbon. Carbon comes in different forms and while diamonds are the most valuable form, graphite is a more widespread form. Graphite has a sheet structure in which electrons can move freely between the layers making graphite an electrical conductor and excellent heat conductor.

Since the electrons can move more easily in between the layers, the thermal conductivity is much better in the XY plane than it is in the Z direction. This makes graphite an optimal material to act as a heat spreader.

  • The thermal conductivity ranges between 3 and 12 W/mK in the Z direction but reaches 300 to 1800 W/mK in the XY plane.
  • The typical thickness is between 0.012 and 1 mm. 
  • The hardness is measured on the Shore D scale with values in the 25 to 50 range. They do not compress significantly and need higher compression forces to achieve optimal contact between the various surfaces.
  • They are electrically conductive and need to be kept away from any active leads.
  • Best application areas for graphite films are:

    ✓ Chipsets
    ✓ CPU, GPU
    ✓ Chipsets
    ✓ Micro BGA
    ✓ High temperature applications

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