Keratherm Bond 100 RT Processing Notes - MH&W Thermal Products

Processing Instructions:
  • All surfaces should be even and free from oil, grease or dust. Clean surfaces with a solvent (e.g. acetone, thinner, etc.).
  • Screw mixing tube onto the container (syringe, cartridge).
  • Squeeze adhesive out of the mixing tube (in a strand of about 1 inch), until the adhesive material is of consistent light brown color. Adhesive that is not of consistent color will not harden and needs to be disposed.
  • Evenly spread the adhesive on one of the surfaces to be bonded.
  • Briefly press the two surfaces together and avoid moving them for the next 30 min. If bonded at an angle or overhead, please secure the components.
  • The initial bonding strentgh is achieved after 15 – 20 min, the final strength is achieved after 4 hours at room temperature.