Softtherm Application Notes - MH&W Thermal Products

softtherm-app-notesSofttherm materials are highly elastic, perfectly conformable low-tension gap-filler. They achieve a very good balance of different surface mounting heights such as: component differences, housing irregularities, gap-bridging in mechanical or electronic components, distortions of PCB’s, etc.

First remove the covering on the soft, compressible side (yellow at 86/200, red at 86/250 and 86/255). With all other Softtherm films the installation position can be ignored except the film has an adhesive coating. Then apply the film to the component and remove the second cover from the back.

When applying, make sure that the softer side of the film covering the component and thus compensates for the different heights. When using an adhesive film the adhesive is applied to the back of the film (carrier film) and is covered with a “Removeliner”. In this case, after the removal of the “Removeliner” the film is applied with the adhesive side to the heat sink or housing. The cover on the soft side is removed prior to the application. Assemble your application and apply a mounting pressure, so that the material adapts well to the parts. At maximum pressure, the compressibility of the film should not be more than 30% of the original thickness. If using more pressure the material can leak out.

Carrier Film Decoding of Softtherm Films

86/200 86/120 86/125 86/250 86/255 86/235 86/225 86/320
upper cover PP PP PP PP PP PP PP LDPE-b
lower cover PET PP PP PET PET PP PP LDPE-g
adhesive cover PP LDPE-b xx PP PP xx xx xx
86/300 86/325 86/450 86/500 86/525 86/600 U200 U281
upper cover PP PP PP(x) PP(x) PP(x) PP(x) LDPE-g PET-s
lower cover PP PP PP PP PP PP LDPE-g PET-s
adhesive cover LDPE-b xx LDPE-b LDPE-b LDPE-b LDPE-b P-s P-s
Legend identification definition
PP PP – transparent (100µm)
LDPE-g LDPE – green grained structure (90µm)
LDPE-b LDPE – blue large grained structure (120µm)
LDPE-s LDPE – siliconized (100µm)
P-s Paper – siliconized (80µm)
PET-s PET – siliconized (37µm/50µm/100µm)
xx no adhesive assembling possible (self-adhesion too high)
PP(x) no cover with precuts