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U110Flexible ceramic, thermally conducting and insulating. U 110 is particularly suitable for silicone sensitive applications and an alternative to silicone-based Gap Pads (Softtherm Films). The silicone free Gap Pads (Softtherm Films) offer high electrical insulation and very good thermal conductivity.

Possible Thickness:
U 110: 0.5mm – 2.0mm

Download: Softtherm® U 110 silicone-free Datasheet
Read More: Softtherm® Application Notes
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  • Silicone sensitive applications
  • Electric vehicles
  • High energy rechargeable batteries
  • Aerospace/Military/Medical
  • Property Symbol Unit Softtherm
    U 110 – Silicone Free
    * – Youngs Modulus sample size 30x30x2.5mm3;- variable contact pressure;- compression 50% of measured thickness;
    Color brown
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal Resistance Rth K/W 1.2
    Thermal Impedance Rti °Cmm²/W
    Thermal Conductivity λ W/mK 2.0
    Electrical Properties
    Breakdown Voltage Ud;ac kV
    Dielectric Breakdown Ed;ac kV/mm 16
    Volume Resistivity Ωcm
    Dielectric Loss Factor tan δ 1
    Dielectric Constant εr 1
    Mechanical Properties
    Measured Thickness (±10%) mm 0.5
    Hardness Shore 00 60 – 75
    Youngs Modulus* N/cm²
    Physical Properties
    Application Temperature °C -40 to +110
    Assembling single-layer
    w/o fiberglass
    Density ρ g/cm³ 1.87
    Total Mass Loss TML Ma.-%
    Flame Class UL 94V-0