Kerafol Materials - MH&W Thermal Products

Kerafol is a leading company in the field of thermal interface materials and ceramic sheet materials. They offer a wide range of thermal interface materials under the brand name Keratherm. The wide product range offers solutions to most heat transfer challenges in semiconductor, lighting, LED, Laser, appliance, aerospace, scientific, and other applications.

Standard Films are thermally conductive films for smooth surfaces available in a wide performance and price range.

  • High surface flatness
  • Some are available with optional adhesives
  • Excellent in-combustibility

Soft Gap Fillers are best suited for the interface with less than ideal surfaces in terms of roughness and flatness.

  • Self-adhesion
  • Some are available with optional adhesives
  • Excellent in-combustibility
Silicone Free materials are ceramic filled interface materials with a wide range of thermal performance and hardness. With excellent electrical insulating characteristics they are a perfect solution for applications with a high sensitivity for silicone oils.

  • Wide range of thermal conductivity
  • Silicone free
  • High breakdown voltage
Thermoplastic Polyurethane Films are an elastomer tape with excellent electrical insulating properties.

  • Silicone free
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics
  • Excellent electrical insulating capabilities
Keratherm Gap Filler Liquids are two component  silicone materials that are applied through a mixing tube. The gap filler liquids cure at room temperature within 1 hour, allowing for a wet-in-wet assembly of any components without requiring any additional heating step. Automatic dispensing systems will allow for cost effect high volume production.

  • Cure at room temperature
  • Low assembly pressure
  • high volume production capable
Keratherm Thermal Grease is characterized, in particular, by its good plasticity and very low thermal resistance. No drying, or leaking out of the silicone components. For sensitive applications Keratherm also offers a silicone free thermal grease.

  • Silicone free option available
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Excellent long term stability
Keratherm Keratherm Adhesive Tapes are ceramic filled, double sided tapes with an excellent , permanent adhesive strength. They also provide good thermal performance and excellent electrical insulation.

  • Permanent adhesion
  • No mechanical fasteners needed
  • Available with or without fiberglass 
Keratherm Thermal Adhesive is a two component thermal adhesive for permanently attaching components like CPU, GPU, BGA, Heat Sinks, etc.

  • High bond strength
  • Room temperature curing
 Keratherm Graphite Films are based on 100% pure graphite. The films are available as un-coated types or for specific applications, filled adhesive or standard adhesives. Because of their high thermal conductivity they are used e.g. in the CPU sector.

  • Very high thermal conductivity (anisotropic)
  • High temperature resistance
  • Electrically conductive
Every film type requires its own special adhesive system. Besides flexible adhesives with low strength, Keratherm Adhesive Coatings offer high adhesive strength or with various fillings for improved heat transport.

  • Adhesive coatings available for some materials
  • Adhesive coatings have a shelf life and are a factory order