Softherm 3500 - MH&W Thermal Products

Softtherm 86/525 and 86/600

High thermally conductivity and excellent elastic behavior characterizes this Softtherm film. It also has very good dielectric properties.

With its high thermal conductivity and very good compressibility the film is very well suited for a variety of applications. The material’s excellent elasticity reduces mechanical stress on the power components and makes it a candidate for pressure sensitive applications .

Possible Thickness:
86/3500: 1.0mm – 4.0mm


  • Automotive
  • Stress Sensitive Components

  • Lighting
  • Control Units

  • Property Symbol Unit 86/3500
    * – Youngs Modulus sample size 30x30x2.5mm3;- variable contact pressure;- compression 50% of measured thickness;
    Color     Azure
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal Resistance Rth K/W 0.36
    Thermal Impedance Rti °Cmm²/W
    Thermal Conductivity λ W/mK 3.5
    Electrical Properties
    Breakdown Voltage Ud;ac kV 5.0
    Dielectric Breakdown Ed;ac kV/mm 10.0
    Volume Resistivity   Ωm 8.1×1010
    Dielectric Loss Factor tan δ 1 0.3
    Dielectric Constant εr 1 3.3
    Mechanical Properties
    Measured Thickness (±10%) mm 0.5
    Hardness   Shore 00 45 – 65
    Physical Properties
    Density  ρ g/cm3 2.9
    Application Temperature   °C -40 to +200
    Flame Class   UL 94V-0
    Total Mass Loss TML Ma.-% < 0.1