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KERAMOLD® Thermally Conductive Injection Molding Granulate

Besides the conventional Thermal Interface Material solutions in form of Tapes, Pads or Liquids, KERAFOL® has also developed a thermally conductive injection molding granulate (KERAMOLD®) based on a TPE polymer (Thermoplastic Elastomer). The new series of injection molding granulate makes it possible to achieve a 3D heat transfer and a high level of electrical insulation at the same time. In addition, electrical components can be completely covered with thermally conductive materials through the over molding process. This means that electronic components can not only be cooled, but also protected from dust and mechanical influences – a real alternative to conventional potting materials due to the fast processing time.

Key Facts of KERAMOLD®

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Up to 2.5 W/mK
  • Thermal conductivity: 3D instead of 2D
  • Highly electrical isolating
  • Hardness of Shore A
  • Available as granulate or final part
  • Processing possible for injection molding
    and over molding

Benefits of KERAMOLD®

  • Very high thermal conductivity in combination
    with high level of electrical isolation
  • KERAMOLD® is comparable to common
    injection molding materials but much softer which
    leads to a better absorption of vibrations
  • Fast processing time
  • Alternative to potting material
  • Protection of electronic components
    against dust & humidity
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Highly electrically isolating
  • Saving production time in
    comparison to conformal coating
    or even potting materials
  • Cost effective solution
  • All in one solution

Applications of KERAMOLD®

  • Batteries
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Electric Motors
  • Bus Bars
  • Power Electronics

Revolutionizing Thermal Management: Keratherm® U110 Silicone-Free Gap Pad

In the dynamic world of electronics, efficient thermal management is the backbone of innovation and reliability. Enter Keratherm® U110 Silicone-Free Gap Pad, a game-changing solution designed to redefine the standards of thermal conductivity and insulation. This flexible ceramic wonder not only caters to the demands of cutting-edge technology but also addresses the sensitivities of silicone-restricted applications, offering a compelling alternative to silicone-based gap pads like Softtherm Films.

The Pinnacle of Performance: Keratherm® U110 Silicone Free Gap Pad

1. Flexible Ceramic Mastery

Keratherm® U110 stands out as a flexible ceramic gap pad, embodying the perfect fusion of flexibility and thermal conductivity associated with ceramics. This innovative combination sets it apart from traditional gap pads, making it the preferred choice for modern electronic devices requiring versatility and high performance.

2. Silicone-Free Advantages

Particularly tailored for silicone-sensitive applications, Keratherm® U110 Gap Pad serves as a groundbreaking alternative to silicone-based gap pads like Softtherm® Films. Its silicone-free composition ensures compatibility with even the most sensitive electronic components, providing a reliable solution without compromising on thermal performance.

3. Elevated Electrical Insulation

Keratherm® U110 takes electrical insulation to new heights, a crucial feature in electronic applications where preventing electrical interference is non-negotiable. Acting as a protective barrier, the gap pad ensures that electrical components remain isolated, contributing significantly to the overall reliability of electronic devices.

4. Outstanding Thermal Conductivity

The remarkable thermal conductivity of Keratherm® U110 Gap Pad plays a pivotal role in efficiently dissipating heat away from critical components. This is essential for preventing overheating and maintaining the optimal operating temperature of electronic devices, ensuring their longevity and peak performance.

Unveiling the Silicone-Free Advantage

1. Versatility Redefined

Keratherm® U110’s flexibility makes it a versatile solution for a diverse array of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial machinery. Its adaptability empowers engineers and designers to explore new frontiers in thermal management without compromising on the reliability and efficiency demanded by modern technology.

2. Perfect for Silicone-Sensitive Environments

For applications where silicone poses challenges, Keratherm® U110 is the go-to solution. Its silicone-free composition ensures compatibility with sensitive materials and environments, expanding its usability in the electronics industry where silicone sensitivity is a paramount concern.

3. Reliability Unleashed

Keratherm® U110 Silicone-Free Gap Pad offers a reliable and durable solution for today’s demanding electronic applications. Its consistent performance in both thermal conductivity and electrical insulation contributes to the overall reliability and longevity of electronic devices, meeting the rigorous standards of the tech industry.


As electronic devices continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the demand for advanced thermal management solutions becomes increasingly critical. Keratherm® U110 Silicone-Free Gap Pad emerges as a trailblazer in this space, offering a flexible ceramic alternative that excels in both thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. In a world where silicone sensitivities are a growing concern, Keratherm® U110 stands as a testament to innovation, providing the electronic industry with a reliable, high-performance solution that propels us into a new era of efficiency and progress.