Discover the Benefits of Kerofol Gap Filler Liquids

MH&W is the authorized distributor of Kerofol products.


Kerofol Gap Filler Liquids are ultra-low viscosity materials designed to handle like a potting compound while offering the high thermal conductivity and electrical isolation typical of top-tier gap fillers. These materials cure at room temperature and are ideal for various high-power applications.

Key Applications

  • High Power Inverters
  • Power Electronics & Power Modules
  • AC/DC and DC/DC Converters
  • On Board Charger and Battery Cells
  • Vehicle Connectivity Systems
  • Enhanced Infotainment & HMI Systems
  • Vehicle Control Units & (super)computers
  • Various Autonomous Driving Systems

Why Switch to Gap Filler Liquids?

There is a growing trend to move away from traditional gap pads towards liquid dispensed fillers. Here are some reasons why:

  • Customizable Shapes and Designs: Gap filler liquids can be applied in thinner, more precise layers, allowing for better contact with components.
  • Material Utilization: With gap fillers, there is no need for punching grids, resulting in better material usage and reduced waste.
  • Production Efficiency: Faster production times and greater flexibility make gap fillers ideal for automated and semi-automated manufacturing processes.

Considerations for Implementation

While the benefits are substantial, there are some important considerations when switching to gap filler liquids:

  • Initial investment in equipment is required.
  • Maintaining tight tolerances for thickness is crucial.
  • Managing viscosity, weight, vertical dispensing, and accurate mixing can be challenging.

Despite these challenges, the advantages in terms of material utilization and production efficiency often outweigh the initial setup costs, especially for high-volume manufacturing.


Kerofol Gap Filler Liquids present a superior solution for high-power and high-precision applications. With MH&W as the authorized distributor, you can be assured of quality and reliability. Consider switching to gap filler liquids to enhance your production efficiency and product performance.