Besides the conventional Thermal Interface Material solutions in form of Tapes, Pads or Liquids, KERAFOL® has also developed a thermally conductive injection molding granulate (KERAMOLD®) based on a TPE polymer (Thermoplastic Elastomer). The new series of injection molding granulate makes it possible to achieve a 3D heat transfer and a high level of electrical insulation at the same time. In addition, electrical components can be completely covered with thermally conductive materials through the over molding process. This means that electronic components can not only be cooled, but also protected from dust and mechanical influences – a real alternative to conventional potting materials due to the fast processing time.

Key Facts of KERAMOLD®

  • Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Up to 2.5 W/mK
  • Thermal conductivity: 3D instead of 2D
  • Highly electrical isolating
  • Hardness of Shore A
  • Available as granulate or final part
  • Processing possible for injection molding
    and over molding

Benefits of KERAMOLD®

  • Very high thermal conductivity in combination
    with high level of electrical isolation
  • KERAMOLD® is comparable to common
    injection molding materials but much softer which
    leads to a better absorption of vibrations
  • Fast processing time
  • Alternative to potting material
  • Protection of electronic components
    against dust & humidity
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Highly electrically isolating
  • Saving production time in
    comparison to conformal coating
    or even potting materials
  • Cost effective solution
  • All in one solution

Applications of KERAMOLD®

  • Batteries
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Electric Motors
  • Bus Bars
  • Power Electronics