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Standard Films

The surface of the Keratherm white, green, pink, red and brown standard films is smooth in order to ensure that there is no entrapped air that would interfere with the heat transfer between the component and the heat sink. The material smooths out any microscopic irregularities in the contact surfaces which improves the thermal interface and therefore increases the heat dissipation.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Films

Thermoplastic polyurethane tape with very good isolating behavior and excellent mechanical properties and good thermal characteristics

Phase Change Materials (PCM)

Keratherm Flowtherm® Phase Change Material comprises a combination of hot-melt waxes with or without a carrier material. These films smooth out even the smallest irregularities between the power module and the heat sink and thereby improve the contact between the surfaces and increase heat transport.

Gap Fillers

Keratherm Softtherm® Gap-Filler is the ideal material for smoothing out even large component irregularities. Thanks to their outstanding compressibility, they produce an optimal thermal contact while at the same time being electrically isolating. The supplied thicknesses range from 0.5-5.0mm. Other thicknesses or shapes are available on request.

Thermal Grease

Keratherm Thermal Grease is characterized, in particular, by its good plasticity and very low thermal resistance. No drying, or leaking out of the silicone components.

Chang Sung Corp.(CSC) Thermal Films

Gap-Fillers, Combination Thermal Interface with EMI Absorbing and conventional thermal films

Double Sided Thermal Adhesive Tape

A compliant metallized polymer matrix that is impregnated with a pressure-sensitive resin. The peel and stick silicone copolymer resin is compatible with chip mold release agents for additional strength. The metal matrix consists of a copper base and a nickel surface, which provides a corrosion barrier against aluminum.

Silicone Free

Keratherm silicone-free standard films are used wherever the use of silicone can lead to problems. Besides good thermal and outstanding electrical properties, these foils are characterized by their good cut-through resistance.


Keratherm graphite films are based on 100% pure graphite. The films are available as uncoated types or for specific applications, coated with thermal wax, filled adhesive or standard adhesives. Because of their high thermal conductivity they are used e.g. in the CPU sector.

Natural Graphite

GES graphite films are made from natural graphite. The films are available as uncoated types or for specific applications, coated with adhesives or insulating films. Because of their high thermal conductivity and very good perfromance cost ratio they are used in many applications.

  • GES Graphite Films

Sealing Compounds

Keratherm Sealing Compounds can be used for encapsulating whole applications and dispensing housing lids or heat sinks. Thanks to its ease of use, it allows even the most complicated geometries to be encapsulated.


Every film type requires its own special adhesive system. Besides flexible adhesives with low strength, Keratherm Adhesive Coatings offer high adhesive strength or with various fillings for improved heat transport.