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  • Thermal Conductive Films
    Thermal Conductive Films

    The TP Series from CSC is a product line of heat dissipation sheets that quickly and efficiently transfers heat from its source to a low temperature area.

  • Double-Sided Thermal Adhesive Tape
    Double-Sided Thermal Adhesive Tape

    Keratherm’s KL90 and KL91 have excellent, permanent adhesive strength with high thermal conductivities and at the same time very good insulation characteristics. There are no mechanical fixation with clips, screws or rivets needed.

Welcome to MH&W Thermal Products Division!

With the high packing density of power semiconductors, transistor chips and discrete components, etc., the generated heat has to be conducted away as efficiently as possible. MH&W has solutions for almost every type of heat problem and application by offering films, adhesive tapes, thermal grease, gap fillers and other material forms from a variety of manufacturers.

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