I hope this notice finds you safe and well during this unprecedented time.

While MH&W office employees have been working from home for over a year, we are proud to announce that all employees have returned to the MH&W office for in person work. As COVID-19 is still prevalent throughout the US, MH&W is taking strict precautions to ensure all employees and visitors are safe while resuming in office work and visits.

2020-2021 has been difficult for many businesses, MH&W included. We faced new challenges in almost all aspects of our business. These challenges led to our team becoming closer than ever and working effectively and efficiently remotely.  We are very proud we were able to maintain an uninterrupted workflow and have no negative effects on inventory, order fulfilment, customer service, or shipping. In spite of all our challenges we are still growing. MH&W is ready to support you!

We are looking forward to the future and encourage new and old customers to reach out to discuss how MH&W can help be your Powerful Solution.

You may reach out to [email protected] or 201-891-8800 at any time to speak with a sales representative.


Your MH&W International Team