KoolBond - MH&W Thermal Products

KoolBond™ Interface Material consists of a compliant metallized polymer matrix that is impregnated with a pressure-sensitive resin. The peel and stick silicone copolymer resin is compatible with chip mold release agents for additional strength. The metal matrix consists of a copper base and a nickel surface, which provides a corrosion barrier against aluminum.


  • Fastener-free Attachment
  • RoHS compliant
  • Fastener-free Attachment
  • RoHS compliant
  • Property Symbol Unit 5 mil 10 mil
    Color gray gray
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal Conductivity λ W/mK 0.66 0.64
    Thermal Impedance Rti °Cmm²/W
    Electrical Properties
    Breakdown Voltage Ud;ac kV not insulating not insulating
    Dielectric Breakdown Ed;ac kV/mm
    Volume Resistivity Ocm 2.42×10-3 2.42×10-3
    Mechanical Properties
    Lap Shear Strength N/cm² 32.3 35.5
    Overall Thickness (±10%) mm 0.14 0.24
    Physical Properties
    Application Temperature °C -70 to +125 -70 to +125
    Shelf Life from D.O.M. months 12 12
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